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Technical SEO Services

With the increase in awareness of SEO, everyone is trying to use it effectively. This leaves you with no chance of being even slightly behind in your business’s SEO than any other to be successful. The browning algorithms on our smart devices are constantly changing.

That makes it essential for your SEO strategies to be updated with them too. At our technical SEO agency, we will perform a complete check on your current SEO techniques and help you update them if required. So that, your SEO targeting will always be up to date and compatible with the market algorithms to give the best results.

Here is a list of a few of the key features that have helped us become the best technical SEO agency:


Penalty Recovery

Getting penalties based on your strategies is quite common. Especially if you are managing your SEO technicalities by yourself and you do not have too much knowledge in that area. It can affect your business badly. Not only will you lose all your reputations, but the SEO ranking of your business will fall too in case of a penalty.

That is where we come in. our firm has successfully helped various customers successfully come out of penalties with their audience and reputation intact. Our technical site audit will help us identify the bad patches in your strategy and then remove them so that you can get out of the penalty. It would ultimately help you get your audience, your SEO ranking, and your reputation back.

Website Migration

It becomes essential sometimes to migrate your website to a safer and better network when your business starts to grow. It can prove to be difficult to migrate your website completely without losing any audience.

Our team has a wide site technical knowledge and can guarantee a complete and secure migration of your website to a better network. It will help you reach more customers, increase audience engagement and be secure than before.


Speed Optimization

Having a successful website means having a fully optimized site. No customer wants to visit a website that takes a long time to open. Especially through smartphones. Our highly competent team will help oil your website at just the right spots that will boost its speed far greater than before.

Once our team is done with your site, you will notice a better response time and improvement in the SEO speed ranking. That is sure to attract more customers to your platform.

Structured Data Markup

The search engine is your best friend. It will help you spread your message to your audience. If you can successfully increase the understanding of your website’s data to the search engine, then you are sure to get a great response from the audience.

That can be done through a proper markup of the structured data. With the help of our cutting-edge data markup code, the search engine will be made aware of your business’s key data, which will help your message reach new potential customers.


Competitor Analysis

Our highly competent team will dive deep into your competitor’s SEO strategies and inform you about them. It will help us get a better idea of how to successfully compete with your competitors and bring your product to the top.

Furthermore, it is a great way to learn new strategies if your competitors are using a different strategy than you.

Image Optimization

The thing that attracts most of the new users to your site is the images on your landing pages. These images need to be properly optimized so that they show up on your customer’s screen whenever they try to search for anything relevant to it.

A perfectly optimized image includes a reduction in the image loading time and better visual quality of the image to please the eyes of your customer


Backlink Analysis Feature

The backlink analysis feature offered by our form will equip us to improve your digital presence and increase the link-building opportunities for your business. It will also help us remove the harmful links that are causing the reduction in the loading time of your website.

Our team has a complete technical SEO checklist including all the mentioned features that will ensure that your SEO strategy is up to date and is fully in sync with the current search engine algorithms.